Gourmet Travel Is About More Than Just Food

The French traditions, and magazines such as Saveur,  have given rise to a myth that gourmet trips are completely about food and drink. Whilst the food and drink is an pullman-gourmetessential part of the experience this type of activity has come a long way since its inception.

Surroundings and environment have unquestionably been an integral part of any gourmet extravaganza. However individuals may be surprised at how far days out featuring food and drink have been enhanced by companies offering such experiences. Some mouth-watering examples are listed below;

  • Murder mystery luncheon on the Orient Express
  • A round of Golf followed by a five-star afternoon tea
  • Wine tasting and vineyard experience

For those hoping to simply experience good food this choices are always available but for those eager to be transported back in time and be a little more audacious than the new breed of gourmet style adventure awaits them.

So what might the intrepid adventurer expect to see on for instance an Orient Express murder mystery luncheon? On arrival at Victoria station passengers are immediately greeted with a vision of the orient express and staff dressed up in twenties attire busy getting ready for an enjoyable day. The feeling of nostalgia is immediately apparent and the anticipation of a day on the tracks, coaches being pulled by a steam locomotive one could be excused for thinking they had caught a glimpse of Hercule Poirot. The plot unfolds as luncheon is served, this gourmet meal adding to the overall sense of adventure and time travel. The mystery solved food and wine finished satisfied travellers head back to Victoria for the perfect end to the day.

Of course to be the centre of a bygone age clearing up crimes whilst enjoying great food may not be your idea of fun. A round of golf at a five-star venue followed by a superb afternoon tea may be more your choice. A genuinely magnificent nineteenth hole, being served a refreshing much deserved afternoon tea, with fine sandwiches and cakes along with the finest teas from around the globe give a feel of a much more diverse experience than just the food alone.

Maybe your thoughts to combine your appreciation with an educational treat as well and with the wine tasting a vineyard. A truly magnificent mixture ensure those engaging enjoy some astonishing quality wines whilst learning why your wine has a certain bouquet all create a superbly rounded day either for individuals as a extraordinary treat maybe for a birthday. For those celebrating an anniversary maybe the same but for two followed by an instructive tour around the vineyard. All improve the ambience of the occasion.

One thing is for certain the eating of sumptuous gourmet food and fine wines are no longer the sole component of a gourmet meal. Whether incorporating train travel from an age gone by, or including a round of golf with afternoon tea, your ideas of gourmet experiences need to be challenged and changed.