Travel Globally and Eat Locally

gourmet_travelOne of the most enjoyable things about food/gourmet travelling is getting to try out lots of different type of food in different villages, towns, cities and countries. Travelling exposes you to lots of different local cuisines, culture, attractions and architecture.

While you can enjoy lots of different cuisines without leaving your local area, (going to local chines, Indian, French, Italian and other restaurants), the experience just isn’t the same!

Would you be surprised to learn that the food that you usually find in your favourite Indian restaurant is likely to taste differently from truly authentic Indian food in India? That is because when you open a restaurant, the chefs make it a point to localize the food for the local market. Many European Indian dishes were designed specifically for the European palette… Chicken Tikka Masalla for example.

That is why so many people simply love to travel and enjoy truly different cuisine!

Locals have their own recipes and methods of cooking. For example, you can learn how to cook Italian food from a recipe book. But you will never be able to truly replicate the local touch unless you learn from a local.  And to experience local cuisine you must travel!

One of my pet hates is to see my fellow countrymen eating in “English” restaurants while abroad!  They’ll travel miles to experience culture, sunshine and adventure and yet stick to eating the same fast food!

Live a little!  Look out for local dishes, pay attention to where the locals eat, what they order and try those authentic local dishes for yourself.

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